Teachers visit Bo 2018

Three teacher visitors had their first time experience of working

with their partner schools in Bo. Siân Atkins from St. Margaret’s C of E junior twinned with BDSE Messima, Claire Wright from Wellesbourne twinned with RC Model and Tim Bladon from Ferncumbe twinned with UMC Lower In addition Paul Atkins and Tim Hussey visited all the remaining school schools to ascertain how the link was progressing and to highlight any issues. Tim also introduced Bo to the making, eating and racing of pancakes which introduced a hilarious competitive spirit.

Paul also made a visit to the Secondary schools that currently have a connection with One World Link and to see how they felt their relationship was progressing. It appears, at this stage, that there is a more positive response from the Bo end than here in the UK. It is now for discussion how best to develop a programme that is mutually beneficial.

Paul made a visit to Kenema to visit bishop Koroma, as his health has been deteriorating recently, in order to send regards from all who know him in the UK. Whilst there, Paul also visited the missionary hospital in Panguma.

All finished the rewarding visit with a short period of rest and recuperation at Bureh beach before returning, their lives changed for the better, to the UK.

Tim made a video of the experience – see below