Facts and Ideas

Facts and Ideas

Reel Lives Sierra Leone DVD This DVD is great fun! It introduces two young people living in Sierra Leone, and encourages children to see similarities and differences with their own lives. The DVD includes several short clips about school life, food and clothes in Sierra Leone, as well as music clips and images. There is also a quiz about different food, and lots of images that can be printed out. A teacher’s booklet accompanies the DVD with ideas for classroom activities relating to each of the video clips. The teaching activities are very flexible and allow for different primary age abilities. The DVD is well laid out and easy to use, and altogether the resource is full of energy

These information and ideas sheets are from the Reel Lives DVD

The advantages and disadvantages of Shawn’s
modern European lifestyle and Mbalou’s more traditional ways: SL_COMPARISON_DIAGRAM

Links with the National Curriculum (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland): SL_CURRICULUM_LINKS

Information and suggested websites and classroom activities
intended to fill in some of the gaps about Sierra Leone: SL_EXTENDED_FACTFILE

A political history of Sierra Leone up to 2004 (i.e. before the Civil War): SL_POLITICAL_HISTORY

A traditional story from Sierra Leone – How the Snake lost its Legs: SL_TRADITIONAL_STORY

A selection of recipes: SL_RECIPES

Healthy eating – learning from Sierra Leone: SL_MARKET_FOOD_ACTIVITY