Day of the African Child

Our Annual Celebration of the Day of the African Child

June 16th  has been adopted by the the African Union (AU) not only as a commemoration of the tragic day in 1976 when children in South Africa were killed during protests; but as a day to celebrate children in Africa and to promote their rights and well being.

One World Link, the community friendship link between Warwick District UK and Bo District, Sierra Leone, has chosen to mark this day and give it special attention. We bring together children from local schools with links to partners in Sierra Leone and have a day of activities on an African theme.

Day of the African Child in Warwick and Leamington
Day of the African Child in Warwick and Leamington

Our activities, which have been running for more than 35 years, work towards:

  • Linking the people of UK and Africa through a local friendship
  • Supporting school children to learn about each others lives across the continents
  • Bringing people together
  • Spreading understanding of Sierra Leone and Africa generally

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