Bo Schools return on 1st July

Bo schools return on 1st July

 Schools in both Sierra Leone and the UK have been closed because of the virus but now those in Bo are reopening …
Over the past three months teachers across Bo and Warwick district have remained in touch through Whatsapp and, unlike the West African Ebola virus in 2015, this time we shared a crisis together- the Covid 19 Pandemic. Only about 20% pupils in Bo were accessing any education, mostly through the radio, or for those who could afford – private tutoring. 
Today, July 1st, Bo schools have opened again for Class Six pupils who will sit their NPSE exams in August which they need to pass to be allowed to move on to Secondary Education. Teachers and pupils alike came to school with their face masks.

Our schools link enables us to connect with people from a different culture to learn about life from friends. This helps us all to become compassionate global citizens.

Our One World Link teachers both in Warwick and Bo were able to celebrate the Day of the African Child on 16th June with a Zoom meeting connecting the communities
Sierra Leone, with a population of 8 million, has had 1,462 cases with 974 recovered. They suffered 60 deaths, compared to 4,000 from Ebola disease. Life has been made very difficult for the majority of people with food prices soaring due to closed borders.