Lesson Ideas

Lesson Ideas

Here in Warwick District we had a group of dedicated ex-Primary Teachers who put together teaching materials for use in our linked schools. The resources below have been developed over the years and we shall be revising and updating them from time to time.

Please adapt and use as you wish, wherever you may be, but do let us know so that we have an idea of how widely our resources benefit others.

And do give us feedback on how we can improve anything here.

Although we call them ‘lesson plans’, they are not prescriptive, but a way of giving the teacher some resources.  Change them to suit yourself.   They are provided to get you started.  Please try them.


Introduction to Sierra Leone

Introduction map/facts/flag worksheet

Wellesbourne International Week 2018


Bo City and District

Bo City

Bo City Centre


Lesson Plans

00 – aims objectives minimum standards

01 – where is Bo

02 – flag anthem pledge coat of arms

03 – writing to Bo

04 – a day in the life of …

05 – learning from photos

06 – reading worlds

07-0 stories enjoyed by children

07-1 The Traveller and the Monkeys

07-2 Blind Man and the Crippled Man

07-3 Modam Yoko

07-4 KING ARTHUR – complete

07-5 ROBIN HOOD – complete

07-6 CINDERELLA – complete

07-7 NURSERY RHYMES – complete

07-8 Six stories from Bo

07 – stories myths legends

08 – water – collecing using cleaning + rainfall

09-0 Lessonplan 09 Food and Cooking

09-1 Food and crops

09-2 Cooking


09-3 About Rice

09-4 Fish 10-A clothes and uniforms

09-5 Fruit and Veg.

10-0 dress unit

10-1 clothes and materials

10-2 materials

10-3 clothes related to climate

10-4 uniforms for different occasions

10-5 textile designs and patterns

10-B clothes game