2006 Archive

Clive Harridge’s report in The Word on the Local Authority visit to Bo in 2007
Richard Hall’s report in Warwick Update on the Local Authority visit to Bo in 2007
Clive Harridge’s report in Tripwire on the Local Authority visit to Bo in 2007
Jane Knight’s report on the Local Authority Follow-up Visit to Bo in February
Status Report for Bo OWL Annual General Meeting Presented By Alfred Maada Fobay, Financial Secretary, May 
Richard Hall’s article in Environmental Health Practitioner
Jane Knight’s visit to Sierra Leone in August
Nicola Cumberlege of Warwickshire County Council reflects  on the practical and personal benefits of the link
Report on visit by Jane Knight, Glenn Fleet, Andy Smith and Kip Warr for Pilot Waste Project
Article in the Environmental Health Journal by Eric Moosa on public health in Bo and the legacy of civil war.
Newsletter June 2008
Newsletter Autumn 2008
Annual Report for 2008
Local Government Report & Action Plan 

Local Government Action Plan (initiated during Local Government Group visit 2007) adopted by Bo City Council

Pilot Waste Management Project for Bo agreed with UNDP and CLGF, involving Bo City, Warwickshire County Council and Warwick District Council