Previous Lesson Plans

Aims, objectives and minimum standards

Where is Bo?

Flag, anthem, pledge and

coat of arms

Writing to a friend in BO

A day in the life of ...

Learning from a photograph

Macmillan ‘Reading Worlds’

Stories, myths and legends

Stories and Nursery rhymes enjoyed by children - overview

Stories from Sierra Leone:

The Traveller and the Monkeys

  The Blind Man and the Crippled Man

Madam Yoko:

a woman of culture and ambition

Six stories from Bo

A myth, legend and fairy tale

from the UK:

King Arthur

Robin Hood


Nursery Rhymes with pictures and music


Food and Cooking

Food and Cooking - overview

Food and crops


Rice Pack

Fish Pack

Fruit and Vegetables


Dress - overview

Clothes and materials


Clothes and climate


Designs and patterns

Clothes & Uniforms - pictures

The Clothes Game

Teaching Resources

Here in Warwick District we have a group of dedicated ex-Primary  Teachers who have been putting together teaching materials for use in our linked schools.

You are welcome to use them, wherever you may be, but do let us know so that we have an idea of how widely our resources benefit others.  

And do give us feedback on how we can improve anything here.

Although we call them ‘lesson plans’, they are not prescriptive, but a way of giving the teacher some resources.  Change them to suit yourself.   They are provided to get you started.  Please try them yourself.


All our picture albums can be viewed at:

Dress and Clothes

A walk around Bo

Bo Town




Homes and houses

A day in the life of Kattumu

Earlier Pictures

Bo Town

Everyday Life

Families and Homes

Farming and Mining

Food and Cooking


Markets and Shopping





The viewer that is needed to display the documents is free and, if it is not already loaded on your computer, may be downloaded free from the Adobe Website - click on the link below.

A day in the life of Kattumu

One of the most popular and successful of our resources: The children can follow Kattumu through her school day and compare it with their own

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Unfortunately, if you are viewing this site from a local school, you may find our pictures blocked by the Schools ICT service.  Can we suggest that If you want to use any of the pictures you download them from your home computer and then take them to school and store them on the school system. However, there are now a selection on our pictures’page

Latest Updates

Stories, Myths and Legends

Two new stories from Sierra Leone:

The Old Man and the  …..

The Teacher and the …


Clothes related to climate:


Teaching materials   


Our Picture Exhibition is now out and about. We have invited people in Warwick and Bo to provide us with images to display on this website. We have printed and exchanged them as picture postcards. A selection have now been enlarged and mounted as an exhibition which is available to schools, colleges, firms and organisations in the Warwick District area (please contact us for  bookings). A set will also be available in Bo.

The themes are:
   °    Friendship
   °    Home and family
   °    A day in my/our             life
   °    Dreams and                  aspirations
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