What is it all about?

Thinking Linking Through

Linking can provide opportunities to enhance all curriculum areas.

It can provide the opportunity for a fulfilling and wider world experience for both students and staff.

Linking can motivate students encouraging them to take responsibility for their own learning, inform debate and heighten awareness of global issues.

If accessible, IT can play a vital part in joint work between schools.


Linking can help your school and your students to:

Tool for making a Partnership Agreement


the following are important in order to sustain the link:


To maintain a truly mutually beneficial and equal partnership the link requires

acknowledgement and awareness of:

* Essential elements:

If you find that you can’t tick all the items on the left marked with an * then you should think again about linking or how you are linking!

Resource-poor communities

need to:

Resource-rich communities

need to:

Linking can enable students and teachers to be partners in learning, developing their skills in communication and enquiry and providing a context for them to reflect on their attitudes, gain an understanding of other perspectives and challenge stereotypical views.

It can also lead students towards considering their own place as part of the global community and gain a participative view of the international organisations that can assist in empowering them to make change.

There may be the opportunity for staff and student visits and exchanges as part of the link.

Successful linking is a challenge in schools.

Schools are dynamic institutions with young people changing classes and teachers as they move up through the school and teachers often changing roles and leaving.

Each year, activities and lessons are repeated for the students reaching that stage in school and student’s interests and levels of engagement also change as part of the natural cycle.

Staff roles and responsibilities also often change within the school and of course they may leave.

Schools are therefore inextricably linked with change and continuity can therefore be difficult to achieve.

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Material on this page is taken from UKOWLA’s Supplementary leaflet on School Links in their Toolkit for Linking.

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