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The friendship link between Bo District in Sierra Leone and Warwick District in the United Kingdom
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Hard copy collection   Materials held in hard copy only that are undated or not specific to One World Link
and books in the One World Link collection in the public library in Leamington Spa
2017   UK teachers visit Bo. Glenn Fleet & Derek Greedy visit Bo - Waste project extended
Midwives visit Bo and investigate possible Health link
2016   Mair Evans and Paul Atkins visit Bo schools and initiate cultural links
Bo District councillors and teachers visit UK
Ebola 2015   Glenn Fleet - Waste Management Project
John Archer, Phil Clarke and Richard Hall visit Bo City and District 
2014   Glenn Fleet - Waste Management Project
UK teachers visit Bo
2013   Visits to Bo: John Archer, Jane Knight, Glenn Fleet and Derek Greedy (Waste management project)
Youth group from Bo visit UK. Bo Mayor Harold Tucker visit to UK
Five teachers visit Bo - return visit by teachers from Bo
2012   Youth group visit Bo
Visit to Bo by 5 teachers
Visits to Bo by Glenn Fleet (Waste disposal project), John Archer (planning) and Jane Kinght
2011   Visit to Bo: Chris King, John Myers and teachers group, John Archer (planning), Glenn Fleet and Derek Greedy (Waste Disposal)
Visits to UK by William Alpha, V V Bockarie and Maada Fobay (Chair & Treasurer of Bo OWL)
Catherine Moody and Ben Wesson of youth group visit Bo, also a group of 7 teachers. Sponsored cycle ride in Napton.
2010   Visits to Bo by John Archer (planning) and Jane Knight
  Dr Wusu Sanoh, Mayor of Bo visits the UK
  Progress on cooperation in city planning
2009   Visit to Bo by Ben Wesson and JoAnne Fisher of the youth group and Chris King, Judith Ellis and Jane Knight
  Visit to UK by Maada Fobay, Catherine Kamara and Alpha Bah
  Pilot Waste Management Project; rubbish clearance begins in Bo
2008   Jane Knight, Andy Smith, Glenn Fleet & Kip Warr visit Bo for Waste Management Project. Chris King, new chair of Bo Warwick, visits Bo
  Eric Moosa visits UK for professional development fellowship. Local Government Action Plan adopted by Bo City Council
  UNDP and CLGF agree to fund Pilot Waste Management project in Bo and Makeni.  Project preparation begins.
2007   25th Anniversary Celebrations in Warwick: Big Africa Event, Little Africa Event, Postcard Picture Exhibition, Archive Event
  Visits to Bo by Kip Warr, Jane Knight and local authority group. Visits to UK by Mary Bakarr and Johannes Mallah
  OWL Community Centre in Bo completed with funding from DFID.
2006   25th Anniversary Celebrations in Bo: Street March, Aniversary Party
  Visits to Bo by Sarah Davis, Joe Cannon, Alison Bryan, Maria Franchi, Brian Austin, Danny Foulstone, Jane Shakespeare, Jane Knight
  Visits to Warwick by Fr. Peter Konteh and Michael Samai
2005   Mayors sign formal friendship link, Africa seminars at Warwickshire college. OWL hosted UKOWLA conference on Sierra Leone links
  Visits to Bo by Mota Singh, Bill Evans, Janet Alty and Hussine Yumkella 
  Visits to Warwick by Wusuh Sannoh, George Mbago, Jane Nyambe, Joe Pyne, V.V. Bockarie and Josephine Komeh
2004   Two year plan. African party. Public meeting. Schools phone link.
  Visits to Warwick by Joseph Bockarie, Teresa Bangali and David Ngombu 
^ top    Visit to Bo by Jane Knight
2003   Kayoma group started in Bo. Concert by “Songlines”. Library party. Frank Judd speaks at AGM. Construction of OWL Centre begins.
  Visits to Warwick by Mrs Nicholas (Bo mayor) and J Bengali 
  Visit to Bo by Lee Hales and Maria Franchi 
2002   Leamington library “OWL” shelf set up. Site found for OWL Community Centre
    Visits to Warwick by Head of Amadiyya School and Fr. Peter Konteh
    Visit to Bo by John McFarlane, John Myers and Bruce Knight (collecting Mende songs)
  2001   Meeting with Sierra Leone President and High Commissioner. UKOWLA National Conference in Leamington Spa
    Visits to Warwick by Marie Theresa Bockarie, Joseph Kobbah, Teresa Bangali, Festus Foray and Moussa Conteh
    Visit to Bo by Jane Knight and Bill Evans.  Proposals for a new Community Building in Bo.
  2000   Rebel attack on Freetown. Mini marathon Bo.
    Bo fund established by Bill Evans, Mayor of Leamington; funds raised at “Africa Party". Container sent.
Civil 1999   Major rebel attack on Freetown. London prayer service for Sierra Leone.
War   Ceasefire signed by Kabbah and F. Sankoh. OWL meeting with Moussah Conteh.
    AGM with R. Clarkson and Mbah Khabu.
  1998   ECOMOG forces liberate Freetown. Bo situation at its worst.
    UKOWLA Conference Birmingham.
    OWL/Koloseum cooperation confirmed. Moussa Conteh visits Bo.
  1997   Coup in Sierra Leone
    Books and money sent to Bo. 
    UKOWLA Conference Stevenage. 
  1996   Multiparty elections. Ceasefires. Visit to Bo by Tony Sheriff
    Joint OWL/UNA meeting with Derek Partridge, former Sierra Leone High Commissioner. 
^ top      Schools linking seminar at Aylesford school. AGM with Ambrose Gander
  1995   Sierra Leone evening with Moussa Conteh.  
    Money sent to Bo for medical supplies, food and household goods.
Civil 1994   Visit to Warwick by Fr. Patrick Koroma 
War   AGM: guests Dr Jenny Gibson and Mrs Sesoy (wife of Sierra Leone Deputy High Commissioner)
  1993   Africa Evening. OWL display Dale Street for One World Week.
    Sierra Leone weekend for students and expatriates.
  1992   Visit to Warwick by Henry Sheku.  Noel Banks (Water Aid) visited Bo.  Moussa Conteh visited Sierra Leone
    Shipment of goods and medicines.
    Joint OWL/UNA meeting with former Sierra Leone Governor General Sir Banje-Tejan Sie.
  1991   10 Years’ Celebration Meeting. Shipment of typewriters and paper. 
    Visits to Warwick by Moussa Conteh, Edward Allieu and Margaret Foday
  Two Sierra Leone  Weekends.
1990   UKOWLA workshop “10 Years of Linking” hosted by OWL.
  Visit to Warwick by Mohammed Lappia and Raymond James 
  Myf Hodkin visits Bo
1989   Sierra Leone weekend for expats and visitors. OWL concert – S.E. Rogie. Joint OWL/UNA meeting 
  Visits to Warwick by Sam Stevens and Regina Baion. 
  Visit to Bo by Janet Alty, Rob Downs, James Proctor and Helen Austin
1988   Sierra Leone Symposium in Birmingham. Public meeting on Wells/Clinic Project. OWL gains charitable status.    
  Visits to Warwick by Johannes Mallah, Joe Taylor and Angela Koker
^ top    Visits to Bo by Tim Knight and Marion Grimwood
1987    Bo Wells and Clinic Project started. “Gbotima Development Association”. UKOWLA Conference Sheffield. Exercise books shipped to Bo
  Visits to Warwick by Bo Scouts and Sam Kpakra (MP for B0)
  Visit to Bo by Janet Alty & Nick Anderson. Dr Griffiths returns.
1986   Seminar in Leamington Town Hall “Warwick District and World Hunger”. Educational forum at Kenilworth School with alumni o CKC, Bo
  Visits to Warwick by Abraham Mensa, Moussa Conteh, Tony Sheriff and Momadu Koroma
  Dr Griffiths went to work on Bo-Pujehun Project.
1985   Val Davis, Leamington Mayor, sends medicines to hospital in Bo. BBC Radio 4 programme on linking.
  Visit to Bo by Pat Carless and by Roger Bates, Verity Smith and 12 Venture Scouts from Dale Street Methodist Church 
  Visit to Warwick by Fr Patrick Koroma 
1984   Public Meeting hosted by Chairman of Warwick District Council in Leamington Spa Town Hall, 200 attended. 
  Visit to Warwick by Mr Kondo (link with Milverton Primary School), Odette Owada, Joseph Cooper and Ben Smith
  BBC interviewed link members in Warwick and Bo for a programme on “Third World Linking”. 
1983   Sierra Leone Pack “Living in Bo” produced for Third World Information Centre. Momadu Koroma spoke at AGM.
  Shipment of books, medicines etc.  Second National Linking Conference (18 Links) at Marlborough.. Contacts with Rotary & Townswomens Guild
  Visits to Bo by Jane Knight, Sheilagh Holmes and Dr Paul Gully 
1982   Jane Knight and Moussa Conteh spoke about the link on BBC Women’s Hour
  Start of liaison with other UK-Third World links- Conference in Oxford where 12 links were represented.
  Visits to Bo by Jane Knight, Ann Parker and Bob Crowther. Subcommittees formed for schools and health.
1981   Bo-OWL committee set up. Steering committee under Professor P McAuslan. First AGM for Warwick OWL
  Visit to Warwick by Albert Lamin 
  Visits to Bo by Jane Knight and Colin McAllister
1980   Bo chosen formally as linking partner at meeting with Sierra Leone High Commissioner. 
^ top     
1979 and earlier   Frank Judd (former FO Minister) addressed local groups on “Third World” issues
  Committee formed to define aims and choose an area